Planning for Your Session

Here are some tips I’ve come across or learned in no particular order:

  • Use sites like Pinterest or Google to find ideas and feel free to send me examples of things you like.
  • Clothing: Whatever look you are going for (formal, casual, etc), I recommend kicking it up a notch for photos to make sure your look comes across. Bold colors, layers, textures, and accessories can really add some character. Stay away from graphics on your clothing, but patterns can add some kick.
  •  For newborn sessions, please bring solid black shirts (long or 3/4 length sleeves) for both mom  and  dad to wear with a change of clothes just in case. I also highly recommend a pacifier, even if your newborn usually doesn’t use one. It helps to soothe them in between poses.
  • If you would like to come early to have time to feed or dress your baby before your session, let me know and that is almost always possible.
  • For studio photos, you may bring several changes of clothes for your child to add variety (sports, dance, casual, formal, snuggly, etc). Always bring at least 1 change of clothes for your child just in case the worst happens!
  • Props: I like to keep photos simple, but a meaningful prop can make all the difference. Consider a child’s favorite blanket or toy, a brightly colored truck or car, the guitar your son loves to play, or a fun hat/pair of shoes/backpack or other accessory that is significant to your child. Also consider something bright that offers contrast to what you are wearing such as balloons, a giant lollipop, umbrella, rain boots, pinwheel, or flower. These can also help extend your child’s attention span.
  •  If bringing snacks, bring foods that will not be too messy or turn your child’s mouth colors.
  • You don’t need to talk up the photo session to much to your kids. Just tell them you’re going to play. They can feel the pressure!
  • Save the smiles. Wait to get your baby/child in a good mood until you get to the shoot. All your games will be old if you are trying to cheer them up before the session.
  • Lighten up! Plan on your child being grumpy, getting dirty, and being uncooperative. 99% are, but we always get great shots. With more active children, I try for candid shots. Nothing ruins a cute candid of a two-year-old being a two-year-old like a parent in the background scowling 🙂